Thursday, February 8, 2007

Convenient List of the 27 Things
  1. Welcome: Let's Get Started... (learn more about the program)
  2. Welcome: Discover 7 1/2 Habits of Lifelong Learners
  3. Blogging: Hey you (yes YOU), start a Blog
  4. Blogging: Keeping track & more about blogging
  5. Photos and Images: Discover Flickr (a popular image sharing site)
  6. Photos and Images: Even more fun with Flickr (aka Mashups)
  7. RSS & Newsreaders: Less Stress with RSS (explore Bloglines)
  8. RSS & Newsreaders: Find some feeds
  9. MySpace: MySpace and social networks
  10. MySpace: Set up your MySpace page
  11. My Space: Friends (in the world of social networking)
  12. Tagging, Technocrati, Folksonomies: Tagging is
  13. Tagging, Technocrati, Folksonomies: Technorati and the search for your blog
  14. Tagging, Technocrati, Folksonomies: I got a LibraryThing, you got a LibraryThing, everybody's got a LibraryThing (catalog your favorite books)
  15. Wikis: Wikis you'll know and love (learn about wikis and how libraries are using them)
  16. Wikis: Join the Wiki collective (add an entry to the 27 Things Wiki)
  17. Catch-up and Play Week: Play, then catch up or take a break (play with an online image generator)
  18. Search Engines, Web 2.0, Library 2.0: Search What You Like (custom search engines)
  19. Search Engines, Web 2.0, Library 2.0: Library 2.0
  20. Online Applications & Tools: Look at online word processing, spreadsheets, & other productivity tools
  21. Online Software: The labs of Google
  22. Online Applications & Tools: Choose Your Own Adventure (explore Web 2.0 Award winners)
  23. Audio, Video, Podcasts: Video In The Post-Betamax World (explore YouTube)
  24. Audio, Video, Podcasts: Podcasts, Podcasts
  25. Audio, Video, Podcasts: Something To Do With That MP3 Player (check out KCLS eBooks)
  26. Wrap-Up: No, Seriously, Tell Us What You Think (reflect on your experiences completing these 27 Things)
  27. Wrap-Up: This Is The End, Sort Of (suggest another topic, learn what comes next)


Exhomeless-Guy said...

A great site for Web2.0 applications on

keitha said...

I am hoping you will keep KCLS Learning 2.0 available to us for quite some time - so we can refer back? Thanks.

lasamm said...

I also would echo keitha's comment that it wouyld be great to go back over some of these things in the future just to refresh our memories and to explore things we didn't have a chance to do in depth.

KCLS Learning 2.0 said...

We'll leave the website up throughout the 2007 calendar year.