Thursday, February 8, 2007

Convenient List of the 27 Things
  1. Welcome: Let's Get Started... (learn more about the program)
  2. Welcome: Discover 7 1/2 Habits of Lifelong Learners
  3. Blogging: Hey you (yes YOU), start a Blog
  4. Blogging: Keeping track & more about blogging
  5. Photos and Images: Discover Flickr (a popular image sharing site)
  6. Photos and Images: Even more fun with Flickr (aka Mashups)
  7. RSS & Newsreaders: Less Stress with RSS (explore Bloglines)
  8. RSS & Newsreaders: Find some feeds
  9. MySpace: MySpace and social networks
  10. MySpace: Set up your MySpace page
  11. My Space: Friends (in the world of social networking)
  12. Tagging, Technocrati, Folksonomies: Tagging is
  13. Tagging, Technocrati, Folksonomies: Technorati and the search for your blog
  14. Tagging, Technocrati, Folksonomies: I got a LibraryThing, you got a LibraryThing, everybody's got a LibraryThing (catalog your favorite books)
  15. Wikis: Wikis you'll know and love (learn about wikis and how libraries are using them)
  16. Wikis: Join the Wiki collective (add an entry to the 27 Things Wiki)
  17. Catch-up and Play Week: Play, then catch up or take a break (play with an online image generator)
  18. Search Engines, Web 2.0, Library 2.0: Search What You Like (custom search engines)
  19. Search Engines, Web 2.0, Library 2.0: Library 2.0
  20. Online Applications & Tools: Look at online word processing, spreadsheets, & other productivity tools
  21. Online Software: The labs of Google
  22. Online Applications & Tools: Choose Your Own Adventure (explore Web 2.0 Award winners)
  23. Audio, Video, Podcasts: Video In The Post-Betamax World (explore YouTube)
  24. Audio, Video, Podcasts: Podcasts, Podcasts
  25. Audio, Video, Podcasts: Something To Do With That MP3 Player (check out KCLS eBooks)
  26. Wrap-Up: No, Seriously, Tell Us What You Think (reflect on your experiences completing these 27 Things)
  27. Wrap-Up: This Is The End, Sort Of (suggest another topic, learn what comes next)